Interesting Stats From My #SeeAll30 Trip…

30 games in 30 parks 366 singles by 202 different players (most: 8 by Pedroia of BOS) 103 doubles by 88 different players (most: 3 by Saunders of SEA) 12 triples by 12 different players 63 HR’s by 50 different players (most: 5 by Saltalamacchia of BOS) Total number of runs: 282 Number of times […]

My 2nd Trip Of The Year… By The Numbers!

This second trip, the back half of my #SeeAll30 Summer, was AMAZING!  I had so much fun going to games and meeting all sorts of people.  Was just incredible! 🙂 Days: 21 Ballparks: 11 (7 MLB & 4 MiLB) States: 9  (WA, OR, ID, UT, WY, CO, NM, AZ, CA) Games: 20 (16 MLB & […]

I Got To See Mike Zunino’s Professional Debut…

A couple days ago, yes, on Friday the 13th, I made the 13 mile drive from my house to the Everett Memorial Stadium in hopes of seeing the Dust Devils vs Aquasox game that night.  As luck would have it, after making us sit there for almost 2 hours after the rain stopped and the […]

My 1st trip of the year… by the numbers!

When my plane landed in Seattle at 9:52am on Saturday morning, that officially ended my first baseball trip of 2012.  What a freaking amazing trip it was though!  I will eventually write up full reviews of every day/ballpark of the trip, but until I get that time, here is a look back… by the numbers! […]

Philadelphia – Citizen’s Bank Park – Ballpark #12

Much to my surprise, when we got up and got ready this morning, Chuck was full of life. Last night all his planning, all his worries, all the struggling he did to achieve what he did, it finally paid off. I honestly thought he would be just absolutely wiped out this morning. Nope! He was […]

Baltimore – Oriole Park @ Camden Yards – Ballpark #11

With Chuck driving, we hit I-70, and we were on our way towards Baltimore.  This was going to be our longest drive of the trip.  Between me not feeling feeling so hot and knowing that this was the final push for Chuck, today had all the making of either being a terrible day… or an […]

St. Louis – Busch Stadium – Ballpark #10

Since we were able to sleep in a little bit this morning, I was glad that I could actually get some sleep.  This was one of the very few mornings where we didn’t have to be up and out the door before the crack of dawn and I was going to take full advantage of […]

Brewers (9-11)100000000170
Cardinals (13-7)02802001X13150
W: Westbrook (3-1) L: Gallardo (1-2)


Chicago – U.S. Cellular Field – Ballpark #9

My job after the game at Progressive Field was to drive Chuck & Lori to the airport in Cleveland so they could get a car for Lori to drive back home to Brooklyn the next day.  The plan was for me to drop them off and then wait in the cell phone waiting area for […]

Red Sox (8-10)20502000110121
White Sox (10-9)101100000370
W: Doubront (1-0) L: Humber (1-1) S: Tazawa (1)


Cleveland – Progressive Field – Ballpark # 8

When we got to Progressive Field I dropped Chuck & Lori off at the main gate to pick up our tickets at will call. As I mentioned while we were in Milwaukee, the Cleveland Indians had heard that we would be coming through for a game on the 25th and emailed Chuck about putting us […]

Royals (4-14)2000200048110
Indians (9-7)000001100250
W: Hochevar (2-1) L: Jimenez (2-1)


Pittsburgh – PNC Park – Ballpark # 7

Thankfully I got about 4.5 hours of solid sleep last night.  I really needed that.  I could have slept longer, but as per usual with me, I was afraid I would oversleep the alarm clock. As a result I laid there awake for about 30 minutes or so before I just decided to go ahead […]

Rockies (9-8)000000110230
Pirates (7-10)000000100199
W: Reynolds (2-0) L: Resop (0-2) S: Betancourt (6)