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Baltimore – Oriole Park @ Camden Yards – Ballpark #11

With Chuck driving, we hit I-70, and we were on our way towards Baltimore.  This was going to be our longest drive of the trip.  Between me not feeling feeling so hot and knowing that this was the final push for Chuck, today had all the making of either being a terrible day… or an […]

Onward to Baltimore…

After dropping my rental car off I headed into the airport.  If you have never been to Milwaukee’s airport, DON’T GO!  To get to the ticket counter I had to go in from the rental drop off garage, up 2 levels, into the airport, down a level and clear to the other side of that […]

Day # 2 – Washington D.C. & Baltimore

We got up around 7am and was out the door by 8am.  As we made our way down to the lobby to check out I realized that we were actually ahead of schedule.   The first thing we had to do was the tour of Ford’s Theatre at 10am, and it wouldn’t take us but about […]

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