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Chicago – Wrigley Field – Ballpark #3

As the fireworks disappeared from our rear view mirrors and we were on our way to Chicago, via St. Louis, Chuck started noticing that the truck wasn’t handling good.  A look at the gauges showed us that there was a tire that was more than a little low.  A not so quick stop for air, […]

T Minus 10 days and counting…

10 days from right now we will be sitting on a plane headed to Baltimore.  WOW!  10 days to go!  We’ve been counting it down for 105 days now.  Gonna be a lot of fun, but a lot of running also.  I think the worst part will be the 7:00AM flight home.  What will be […]

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2006 Road Trip – Day # 7 (Game # 6)

A day of rest was finally here.  There was still several things I could have done today in Chicago, but I opted for a day of rest and lunch with an ole friend of mine… especially since she said we should go to Portillo’s!  So after sleeping in until about 9am, I got a few […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 6 (Game # 5)

I only had 2 things planned to do today, so I slept in a bit before heading to Wrigley Field for a 1:20pm game vs the Cardinals, the rubber match of the series.  I hit the road about 9:30am heading towards Wrigley.  I had decided to just try to park closer so I can walk […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 4 (Game # 3)

Got up and on the road early this morning, about 4:30am.  I drove 280 miles to Green Bay so I could take the tour of Lambeau Field.  I got into town, found where I needed to be and was there 45 minutes before the first tour.  Having read that tours sell out fast, and needing […]