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St. Louis – Busch Stadium – Ballpark #10

Since we were able to sleep in a little bit this morning, I was glad that I could actually get some sleep.  This was one of the very few mornings where we didn’t have to be up and out the door before the crack of dawn and I was going to take full advantage of […]

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2006 Road Trip – Day # 12 (Game # 11)

Having a game at 12:20pm, I decided to sleep in a bit and then just head straight to the park.  I love the fact that my hotel is so close to the stadium and that I dont have an hour drive or so like I do at home with Safeco.  If I lived this close […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 11 (Game #10)

The drive to St. Louis was an easy one, all I had to do was take I-70 West from just south of Pittsburgh and I would run into St. Louis. So needless to say the drive wasnt that exciting at all. Those 600 miles went pretty quick really and I am guessing it was because […]