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Day # 6 – Philly & Washington D.C.

We had tickets to tour Independence Hall at 9:30am and according to the reservation email, we needed to be there to pick up our tickets at least 40 minutes early.  To be able to make it to Philadelphia by 8:50am, we needed to be on the road by about 7am, so we got up and […]

Day # 5 – Boston & New York City

When we realized that we were way too old to hang with those young kids after the game last night, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.  Before crashing out, Bob started reading a magazine that was in the room about different historical things in Boston to see.  We got to […]

Day # 4 – New York & Boston

We wanted to be in Times Square by about 9am, which meant having to leave the hotel by 6:30am and that’s what we did.  However, as we stepped outside we can see that it rained all night and was still coming down pretty hard. Oh well, what’s a little rain, right?   Our plan was to […]

Day # 3 – Gettysburg & Philadelphia

Our original plan had us getting to Gettysburg at 6am, the same time they open the gates at the battlefield.  After some discussion last night, we opted for an extra hour of sleep and getting there at 7am. So we were up, ready and on the road by just after 5am.  Our hotel was out […]

Day # 2 – Washington D.C. & Baltimore

We got up around 7am and was out the door by 8am.  As we made our way down to the lobby to check out I realized that we were actually ahead of schedule.   The first thing we had to do was the tour of Ford’s Theatre at 10am, and it wouldn’t take us but about […]

Day # 1 – Seattle to Baltimore

We left the house headed for Sea-Tac airport just before 7:30am.  The drive up went smoothly and before we knew it, we were waiting at the gate to board our flight.  As we waited we listened to the coverage on the tv of CNN.   There was a shooting at a bus stop in Prince George’s […]

On our way to Baltimore…

So we are flying Air Trans from Seattle to Baltimore and we have WI-FI on this flight!  How wicked awesome is that?!?  We have less than 90 minutes to go before we get to BWI, been a long flight (it’s 5 hours total flight time). Can’t wait to get into BWI, get our luggage, our […]

WOW! 1 Day To Go!!

As I post this entry, I have 24 hours exactly to go before our trip. I can’t wait, yet I admit that I am nervous about flying, as I always am…especially this time since it’s non-stop to Baltimore and back, 5 hours going and almost 6 coming home next Sunday (which by this exact time […]

4 Days To Go…

So the countdown is getting down to the nitty gritty here. Last night I decided to watch a favorite (baseball related) movie of mine again, “Fever Pitch”. I see a lot of myself in Ben Wrightman. Of course, I don’t live in a Red Sox museum, but if I was single I probably would 🙂 […]

Looking Ahead…. 5 Days To Go!

With 5 days left until we leave for Baltimore, I have started to look ahead at the schedules to see who we might be seeing pitch. If the rotations hold (most teams have a day off on Monday), then we will get to see the following match-ups: June 16th – Mets vs Orioles : Pelfrey […]