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2006 Road Trip – Map (Final)

2006 Road Trip – Day # 17 (Game # 13)

I couldnt believe it when my alarm went off at 5:15am and I had to get up.  Just didnt seem like it could be that early already, but it was, so I was up and getting ready to roll.  By the time I was ready, had the car loaded and was pulling out of the […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 15 (Game # 12)

For the first time on my entire trip,  today I had someone traveling with me.  My brother Judd was going to go with me to Dallas to see the town and catch a Rangers game in Arlington. Judd took the keys and we hit the road right at 6am.  The drive down to Dallas wasnt […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 12 (Game # 11)

Having a game at 12:20pm, I decided to sleep in a bit and then just head straight to the park.  I love the fact that my hotel is so close to the stadium and that I dont have an hour drive or so like I do at home with Safeco.  If I lived this close […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 11 (Game #10)

The drive to St. Louis was an easy one, all I had to do was take I-70 West from just south of Pittsburgh and I would run into St. Louis. So needless to say the drive wasnt that exciting at all. Those 600 miles went pretty quick really and I am guessing it was because […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 10 (Game # 9)

Since I wanted to be in Buffalo, NY around noon, I knew that I could sleep in a bit, so I did.  I finally hit the road about 9am for my short drive to Niagara Falls.  I had been hearing how Niagara is only 44 miles away, so it wouldn’t be that bad of a […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 9 (Game # 8)

The drive to Toronto wasn’t that bad really.  I was very tired though, so that was a bit of a struggle. Getting into Canada was much easier than I thought it would be really.  The lady at the border asked me what my home country was, I replied “US”.  She then asked if I had […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 8 (Game # 7)

Back to another early morning and out the door and on the road by 5:30am.  I needed to get out of the main part of Chicago as early as I could and by the time I did, I was suprised at how easy it was to get out.  I did reralize that my mapping software […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 7 (Game # 6)

A day of rest was finally here.  There was still several things I could have done today in Chicago, but I opted for a day of rest and lunch with an ole friend of mine… especially since she said we should go to Portillo’s!  So after sleeping in until about 9am, I got a few […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 6 (Game # 5)

I only had 2 things planned to do today, so I slept in a bit before heading to Wrigley Field for a 1:20pm game vs the Cardinals, the rubber match of the series.  I hit the road about 9:30am heading towards Wrigley.  I had decided to just try to park closer so I can walk […]