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Minneapolis – Target Field – Ballpark #5

I’m not really sure what time I got up this morning, but I do know that after last night… my head was hurting!  It wasn’t too bad, but I am sure glad that I was able to just lay around a few hours, finish my left over pizza (2 small slices) from Psycho Suzi’s and […]

My Day Off Between Milwaukee & Minneapolis…

I call it a “Day Off” but in reality, it was a busy day! I just didn’t see any baseball games, live, today. I was, however, up and out the door long before it became daylight so I could go drop Chuck off with Bob so they could go to Detroit. How did that all […]

Milwaukee – Miller Park – Ballpark # 4

I was on and off the phone with Chuck on the drive up to Milwaukee.  Just making sure all things were going smoothly and more importantly to find out if their drive was going as easily as mine?  It was unreal, really.   I had got out of Wrigley, hit White Castle and was still going […]

Chicago – Wrigley Field – Ballpark #3

As the fireworks disappeared from our rear view mirrors and we were on our way to Chicago, via St. Louis, Chuck started noticing that the truck wasn’t handling good.  A look at the gauges showed us that there was a tire that was more than a little low.  A not so quick stop for air, […]

Kansas City – Kauffman Stadium – Ballpark # 2

Ok, let me preface this by saying that I was VERY excited to get to go to a game in Kansas City.  A couple years ago Chuck and I planned a trip that just didn’t work out and the thing that bummed me out the most was that I wasn’t able to get to a […]

Seattle – Safeco Field – Ballpark # 1

  The day had finally come. Tax Season was over, all my employee evals were done, it was time to pick Chuck up at Sea-Tac airport and start enjoying some baseball!  Last night after finishing up my last eval meeting, I met a friend for a couple beers, then packed up everything and headed back […]

Following Chuck On His Trip…

Let me start by saying that I love my job.  I know not many people can say that, but I really do.  As General Manager for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service I work in Lacey, WA at our office there and I over see 7 other offices in Washington and 6 more in New Mexico.  Part […]

It’s almost time to go…

Got just 1 more day of Tax Season left, a day of employee evals… then its time to hit the road!  I’m soooo ready to go, mentally, but my planning has been a bit lacking.  I still have a few nights where I have no hotel reservations yet and that is soooo unlike me.  Problem […]

Who I’ll be seeing…

3 weeks from today I will leave on a trip to SEEALL30.  I got to thinking that since I will be going to 37 total games this summer, assuming all goes well, that I wonder who I will be seeing the most and who I will be seeing the least.  Below is that detailed list: […]

SeeAll30 is going to SEE ALL 30 this season!

I just got confirmation that I am a go to attempt my trip to See All 30 this season!  I am very excited considering it wasn’t long ago that I thought I wouldn’t be catching any games at all this season out side of Seattle.  I will be starting my trip with Chuck Booth and […]