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2006 Road Trip – Day # 4 (Game # 3)

Got up and on the road early this morning, about 4:30am.  I drove 280 miles to Green Bay so I could take the tour of Lambeau Field.  I got into town, found where I needed to be and was there 45 minutes before the first tour.  Having read that tours sell out fast, and needing […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 3 (Game #2)

I got to sleep in today, which was nice.  Was strange to be sitting in my hotel at 10:30am since the last couple days I had already been on the road for 6-7 hour at that point. But then I realized that I had a ballgame in 90 minutes and I had to get ready […]

2006 Road Trip – Day # 2 (Game # 1)

Was up and out the door and on the road at 3:30am this morning.  I had a long drive ahead of me, but I thought it should be easier than yesterday, since I had no mountains to deal with, so I should be able to make some good time and sure enough I did. The […]

2006 Road Trip – Map

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