5 days to go…

Can’t believe there is only 5 days left, and a few hours, before I head out on my trip.  After months of planning and waiting, it’s almost here.  I am almost ready but not quite yet.  I am putting together my “Trip Book” today with stuff I will need for my trip.  It’s a book with my schedule, all the confirmations for my hotels and rental cars, my tickets and other things I might need, like addresses to places I might wanna check out.  I know I am a geek when it comes to traveling, but I dont ever leave home without my “Trip Book” 🙂

I checked the MLB schedules today… only my 1st game shows the starters so far and that’s the Twins vs White Sox game at Target Field, Garcia vs Blackburn.  Will be nice to see the Big Chief again as its been a few years since we got to see him regularly in Seattle.   Too early yet to see who the others might be, but I will check it again in a few days and post the schedule.

Until then, it’s time to get my trip book finished, get some laundry done and continue getting ready as Saturday will be here soon enough! 🙂

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