Today is the day!!!!

I am about 12 hours away from heading to SeaTac airport to board my flight to Milwaukee tonight.  By this time tomorrow I will be about 30 minutes outside of Minneapolis.  I am hoping to get into town by Noon, so I can park at the Mall of America and ride the Hiawatha Train up to Target Field.  I hear its about a 40 minute ride, so if I can be in my rental car and on the road by 6:30am at the latest tomorrow morning, then I should be able to get to the Mall of America by Noon.  Its a 5 hour drive, doing the speed limit, so with minimal time off the road (which is how I travel), I should be good. There is still the chance that I wont be able to get my car until the rental counter opens at 7am (I am a Fastbreak member with Budget, just have never used it and never been to the airport in Milwaukee before), if that’s the case, I will probably be late for 1st pitch or get there right at game time and have to pay the big fee to park downtown, instead of going cheap and parking at the MOA and riding the train up which only costs $1.75, since parking is free at the MOA. :)  Checking the departure schedule at MOA, they run about every 10 minutes or so and as long as I can be there, parked and on the train by the 12:20pm departure, I will be at Target Field just in time for the 1:10pm first pitch.  So that’s my plan for tomorrow 🙂

Looking at the MLB schedule, no really great pitching match-ups are coming my way.  No matter, it’s still baseball 🙂

July 18th – White Sox vs Twins:  Garcia (9-3) vs Blackburn (7-7)
July 19th – Indians vs Twins:  Laffey (1-3) vs Baker (7-8)
July 20th – Rays vs Orioles: Garza (10-5) vs Arrieta (3-2)
July 21st – Rays vs Orioles:  Shields (7-9) vs TBA

See ya on the road! 🙂

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