Wedding Day…

Knowing that the wedding didn’t start until 6pm, I was able to get up, hit Dunkin’ Donuts for some coffee for the wife (she is addicted to their coffee) and hit the road northbound headed to Boston! I abso-freakin’-lutely LOVE Beantown! This run was going to have to be a quick one and as my luck, aka “Ken Luck”, would have it the Red Sox were not in town. No, they were in SEATTLE playing my Mariners. Yep, that means not only am I missing the Red Sox/M’s series in Seattle, I am in Boston without a game… that’s a wicked pissah!

Much like several trips lately, this quick run to Boston was about “Baseball & Beer”. My first stop was for the tour of Fenway, then I was headed over to the Boston Beer Company to tour the home of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. As I pulled into town I grabbed my camera to take a picture and realized that I had not charged the battery and it was completely freakin’ fried! I was soooo pissed! Luckily I still had my phone to take pictures on, but damn it that sucks! As I got to Fenway, I actually spent some time looking around for an outlet to grab a free quick charge on. As the minutes before my tour winded down, I gave up, took the camera and charger back to the car and headed for the team store to join up with the rest of everyone and to meet our guide.

I’ve been to Fenway Park for 3 games and taken a tour previously, so why do it again? Why? If you have to ask why, you just don’t get it! IT’S FREAKIN’ FENWAY PAHK! That’s why! This tour was awesome. Our tour guide reminded me of Burgess Meredith’s character, Mickey, from “Rocky”. He was awesome and got so excited to tell us about ‘his park’. We got to go all over the park, the press box, the Bud Porch, the Green Monster and so on… but to my disappointment, even with the team out of town we couldn’t go to the dugout or walk out to touch the front of the Monstah, because they were working on the field, so we were restricted to the stands only. That sucked, but it was still Fenway and I had a great time!

I was meeting a friend, Dan, from the beer boards for the Sam Adams tour and he was calling me as I was late getting over there because the tour at Fenway ran long. I let him know I was on my way and got there a few minutes later. The tour itself was a bit of a disappointment, honestly. They first detailed the ingredients used and then explained fermentation to us. That was really it. The biggest bulk of the tour was drinking free beer. Now, ain’t nothing wrong with that, but I was really hoping to get the inside scoop of what they do there in Beantown. As for the beers, we got to try their Summer Ale (it’s a wheat and it’s great!), their flagship “Boston Lager” and then a darker beer, maybe a stout of some kind (not really sure, cause I really didn’t care for it). Needless to say, if you get the chance to run by Sam Adams, do it, but don’t be expecting much in the way of the business side… but the beer will be good!

After the tour Dan and I rode the free trolley over to Doyle’s Pub, a historical landmark in Boston that was once frequented by former President John F. Kennedy and seen in the movie “Mystic River”, to have some lunch and just hang out. That was fun. I always enjoy meeting up with someone that shares a passion of mine and with home brewing, Dan does. During lunch, I had a bowl of their clam chowdah and a rueben, we sat there talking about traveling and of course beer. Part of the reason to go to Doyle’s was that if you did, you would get a free Sam Adams glass or you could have bought it at the gift shop for $8. Heck, since we were gonna get something to eat anyway, why not? (btw, flash forward, I got that glass all the way home only to have my wife knock it off a shelf and shatter it!). The food was good, so good that Dan opted for a 2nd bowl of the chowdah. 🙂

After lunch and a trolley ride back to Sam Adams, I had to hit the road south to get back to Mystic so I could get ready and head to the wedding with the wife. On my drive down it started to rain, so I called Yvonne and sure enough it had been raining pretty hard down there and she found out that they moved the wedding inside, bummer.

As we got to the hotel, the Mystic Marriott, the rain had let off, but it was so muggy and sticky hot. I was almost glad they moved it inside at that point. The wedding, well, it was beautiful. Every since our wedding I have looked at them differently and started to enjoy them for what they are, not just a time waster before the real party. However, I gotta say, these guys did it up right! I have never been to a wedding, mine included (duh!) that was this awesome! After the ceremony we were treated to Hors d’Å“uvres and an OPEN BAR while the wedding party was taking pictures. Since they took off and went into the historic part of Mystic, they were gone easily for over an hour. Homeboy got his grub on enjoying the rumaki, the coconut shrimp, several kinds of cheeses and oh yeah, the OPEN BAR! It was this night in Mystic that I fell in love with Sam Adams “Summer Ale”. I had just tried it for my first time on the tour earlier that day, but dang, this was a great chance to drink as much as I wanted!

Once the wedding party got back, they opened the doors to the main ballroom and we all entered before the DJ introduced us to the entire wedding party as they walked in, which included my brother Judd (Sean’s Dad). Once they got in they served us one of the most amazing meals I have ever had. What is sad is that I don’t recall what the chicken was stuffed with, but it was sooooo good! Of course the dinner started off with lobster bisque with a puff pastry on top. It was awesome!

The rest of the night was pretty standard wedding stuff, the speeches, the 1st dance, the bouquet and garter toss and so on. What was truly different about this wedding is that I actually had a great time and even danced, several dances. I just don’t usually do that. Guess with so much family there I felt comfortable enough… or maybe it was the OPEN BAR! Lol Truth is I probably knocked back a 12 pack of Sammy’s Summer Ale, at least, if not more 🙂

Overall I had a great night getting to spend such a special occasion with not only my nephew and his new wife, but with the rest of my family, my wife, my brother Judd and his wife, June, and youngest 2 kids, Jessica & Jared. Wish we could have spent more time together back there, but after the festivities were over and we had danced the night away, it was back to our hotel to get some sleep as the wife and I were headed south in the morning to The Big Apple! 🙂

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