Well, I did it!! I am officially booked on a flight from Seattle to Kansas City, MO the morning of April 20th! I will be joining Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth for at least 6 games (SEA/KC/CHC/MIL/PGH/CHW), which is 1/5 or 20%, of his attempt to break his own currently held Guinness World Record of getting to a full game at all 30 MLB ballparks the fastest!!!! I cant wait to hit the road, see some ballgames and get to hang out with friends like Bob DeVries! It’s gonna be EPIC… no, it’s gonna be Legen…. wait for it…. keep waiting… I hope your not lactose intolerant… dary!! 🙂 As always, thank you to my wife for saying I could go :* 143!

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