My 1st trip of the year… by the numbers!

When my plane landed in Seattle at 9:52am on Saturday morning, that officially ended my first baseball trip of 2012.  What a freaking amazing trip it was though!  I will eventually write up full reviews of every day/ballpark of the trip, but until I get that time, here is a look back… by the numbers!

Days: 30
Ballparks: 23
States: 26 (plus 1 District & 1 Province) – WA, MN, KS, MO, IL, WI, IN, OH, MI, WV, PA, KY, MD, NY, NJ, DE, CT, MA, TN, VA, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, FL – DC & ON
Miles Driven: 13,104 for an average of 436.8 miles/day
Miles by Air: 3575 (3 flights – SEA-MPLS, MPLS – KC & CHI – SEA)
Rental Cars: 3 – Dodger Ram in KC, Chevy Malibu in CHI & Chevy Malibu in DAL (had to exchange cars in DAL due to it needing a service because of almost 9K in miles driven)
Tolls: TOO DAMN MUCH! DIdn’t keep track, would estimate about $350+
Tickets: $487 with 3 free (CLE, NYY & NYM) for an average of $23.19
Parking: $488 for an average of $20.33
Hits: 412 for an average of 17.16/game
Runs: 213 for an average of 8.875/game
HR’s: 51 for an average of 2.125/game
K’s: 345 for an average of 14.375/game
Attendance: 696,887 for an average of 29,036.96/game
Highest Attendance:  48,201 – Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on May 11th (C.J. Wilson vs Yu Darvish)
Lowest Attendance: 10,552 – Progressive Field on April 25th vs Royals.
Time: 70 hours and 14 minutes for an average of 2:55/game
Wins: 11 Visitor & 13 Home
Streaks: 5 Visitor wins & 5 Home Wins
Fastest Game: 2:16 – Citi Field D’Backs vs Mets
Longest Game: 4:10 Minute Maid Park Marlins vs Astros (12 innings)
Balks: 3 (all on Buchholz on 5/16 in TB)
Triple Play: 1 – my first ever in KC on 4/20
President/CEO/Owners Met: 2 – Mark Shapiro (Cleveland) & Larry Lucchino (Boston)
Mascots Met: 2 – Sluggerrr (KC), Raymond (TB) but also Teddy (DC)  & Lincoln (DC)
People who had a character portrayed of them in “Moneyball”: 2 – Mark Shapiro (in Cleveland)  & Art Howe (in Houston)
Games where it rained (w/ or w/o a roof): 8 – SEA, BAL, DC, HOU, MIA, MIA, TB & ATL
Best Park Experience: Fenway Park & Citi Field
Worst Park Experience: Turner Field!
Best Nachos: Minute Maid Park in Houston (Buffalo Chicken Nachos)
Worst Nachos: Marlins Park in Miami
Stadium Giveaways: 3 – MINN (Twins Umbrella), BAL (Frank Robinson mini Statue) & NYM (MLB drawstring bag).

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    Love it! What an experience you must have had! Lets get together with Chuck this summer so I can hear more about it!

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