Seattle – Safeco Field – Ballpark # 1

Ken, Chuck & Doug

Ken, Chuck & Doug


The day had finally come. Tax Season was over, all my employee evals were done, it was time to pick Chuck up at Sea-Tac airport and start enjoying some baseball!  Last night after finishing up my last eval meeting, I met a friend for a couple beers, then packed up everything and headed back to Marysville to spend an extra night with my pup pups and wife before hitting the road.  I am really glad I got to do this, but what really sucked is that it meant I had to be up and on the road by 8:30am to drive to the airport to get Chuck and back to the house to rest a bit before heading to the game.  This is exactly what we did.  Once I pick up the Eagle, er um, the “Maple Leaf” at the airport, we made our way back to Marysville, made our first stop at Wendy’s for some chili, then headed to the house.

As we sat there enjoying our lunch, Chuck was sharing some road stories with my wife, then as he made his way to go get a little rest, the skies opened up and it didnt start raining, it began to POUR!  Rain like I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The only saving grace was knowing that Safeco Field has a roof and no matter how hard it rained, we’d be seeing a game tonight.  When it came time to leave the house headed back down to Seattle for the game, it was still pouring rain. It was crazy!  But this didnt detour us at all.

Kings Court

There we are above the King's Court sign


As we left the house I sent out a tweet saying “@ChuckBooth3024’s Guinness record breaking attempt takes us to Safeco to see the #Mariners vs #Indians. Felix is on the hill. @Mariners” in an attempt to see if the Mariners, who follow me on Twitter (@SeeAll30), would pick up on it.  Sure enough they did and sent me a direct message asking me about his trip, where we were sitting and several other questions.  It wasn’t until after we met up with my friend and fellow ballpark chaser, Doug Miller, at Safeco and were inside that the Mariners finally told me they were going to send him out a swag bag and welcome him to Safeco Field on the big screen.  I gotta say, that’s pretty cool.

Since we got there during BP we had plenty of time to take pictures (though they never turn out all that good when the roof is closed) and walk around checking things out before taking our seats.  What was cool about our seats, in the left field bleachers, is that they were directly above the King Court.  We had 1st row seats in our section, so that put the Kings Court sign right in front of us.  We would be easy to spot that night and sure enough, before the game even got started, my wife sent me a picture message where you could see us.  She had spotted us while watching the pregame, so she paused the dvr and snapped the picture.  To me the best part oft his picture is that they didn’t catch me eating something.  Nope, instead, they caught Doug! lol Doug was eating, Chuck was sharing stories from the road and I was tweeting.  Very cool, thanks again Dear!

I have been to Safeco Field countless times since it opened in 1999.  Each game, to me, is special.  I love being at the ballpark.  This time, well, it was extra special for me.  Not only was I there with a couple good friends, Chuck & Doug, but this was game # 18 for Chuck on his Guinness World Record breaking attempt and it was game # 1, Numero Uno, for me and my “SeeAll30 Summer”.  If you can’t finish at home, might as well start there, huh?

Chuck on the Big Screen

Chuck on the Big Screen


It was in the 5th inning when a couple gals dressed in all M’s gear came out and asked “Is there a Chuck Booth here?”  They were welcoming him to Safeco Field with a bag of Mariner’s swag that included a “My Oh My” sign, a Mariners Hat, Felix Hernandez bobblehead, t-shirt, Viva Las Vargas Sunglasses, trading cards, Safeco Field magnet, Franklin Gutierrez fly swatter (this thing was wicked funny!) and more all contained in a really cool vinyl Mariners bag.  It was so very cool of them to do that. But it didn’t end there. The next inning a camera crew showed up and in between innings as the camera focused on Chuck, you could hear the PA announcer (Tom Hutler?) start talking about Chuck.  He basically went through everything I had told the @Mariners in our direct messages about his previous trip/record and how things were going on his current streak.  Then you hear him say, to welcome Chuck to Safeco Field and there he was… up on the big screen waving at everyone!  As Chuck would say in his review from today, “At the end of the 5th inning, a group of young women came up to our section and presented me with a SWAG BAG of goodies. The next thing I knew, I was on Camera as the PA announcer was announcing my baseball journey.  The classy Seattle fans gave me a great round of applause as I stood there waving like I was a presidential election candidate.  It was a really surreal moment.”  Talk about wicked cool!  The power of Social Media at its best right there folks.  I sent out that tweet hoping they might pick up on it and do something cool for him and boy did they ever.  Gotta love my home town Mariners!  Way to be awesome!

The game itself, well, Felix had 12 K’s (was perfect through 4) and left in the 9th with a 1-0 lead.  However, thanks to League, that didn’t last long as in his 2/3 of an inning he game up 2 hits, walked 2, had 1 K, but also gave up 2 runs and the lead before Wedge pulled him.  Luetge came in for the final out, but the damage was done and the Mariners lost 2-1 to the Cleveland Indians.

Visitors 1, Home 0

After the game we headed back to the house, in the rain, to get a couple hours of sleep, a quick shower and get ready to head to the airport in the morning…

Here is a link to my pictures from Safeco Field.



W: Tomlin (1-1) L: League (0-1) S: Perez (4)


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