30 Ballparks in 30 Days update…

Just got a message from Tom via a thread I started on Ballparkchasers.com that says that they will be unable to get the full 30 in 30 as of tonight because of what he said was a scheduling change by the Orioles. This means they have 2 games at 2 different parks (Camden & National’s Park) scheduled for the same exact time. Tom also mentioned that they will be going to each park tonight, only spending a few innings in Camden before heading to DC. I think it really stinks that they planned this out and due to an apparent schedule change, they won’t be able to complete their quest! As someone that plans to do this in a year or 2, I know myself that I would be so freakin’ ticked off right now! With having to schedule so tightly, there would be no way to make that up. That really sucks! Sorry guys! Have fun on the rest of the trip though… I will still be following every step of the way via watching the games here at home, Facebook, Ballparkchasers.com and your site at 30ballparks30days.com.

Edit: Also found out from Tom a few minutes ago that they aren’t actually going for a ‘real’ 30 in 30, just wanting to see 30 parks in 30 days…even if that means only seeing a couple innings a game. Their main goal was to see the parks, enjoy them, the people and the atmosphere surrounding each. Sounds great to me!!

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