2006 Road Trip – Day # 2 (Game # 1)

Was up and out the door and on the road at 3:30am this morning.  I had a long drive ahead of me, but I thought it should be easier than yesterday, since I had no mountains to deal with, so I should be able to make some good time and sure enough I did.

The drive was pretty uneventful really as there was nothing out there except non existant cell phone service. I did of course stop in Miles City, MT to get gas an relive the day I was almost arrested there for being a terrorist… or somewhat being accused of one (email me if you aint heard that story and want to hear it)! lol  My next gas stop was Jamestown, ND, which of course is where I stayed the last time I was through this area just after 9/11/01.

Much to my suprise I got into Minneapolis about 90 minutes ahead of my scheduled time, which is always good.  I fired up the GPS on my way into t own and that baby took me right where I had to go, was very slick!

I got to the Metrodome, looked around outside for a bit and then I had to buy a ticket.  I didnt get one in advance, cause after driving 1700 miles on my own in about 36 hours (27 if you count the time off the road in Billings to get some rest), I wasnt sure if I would be awake or let alone if I would actually get into town in time for the game.  So I got my ticket and headed in.  The first thing I really noticed that was quite strange was how steep the stair are for the sections.  In most parks, the upper decks rows can be steep, but not the lower, and yet these were unreal.  My seat was in row 30, so it was only 6 rows down, but tomorrow my seat is in row 6, and there is noway I want to be going up and down those aisles like that, especially since it has no handrail! So I grabbed a seat in the last row, and while I was ok sitting there, width wise (was a bit tight, but ok), the row in front of me was pushing so hard into my legs at my knees, there was no way I could stand that for a full game… but you gotta do what you gotta do!

So I hung out in that section for a while taking a few pictures, then I went to go to the upper deck to take a few more picture.  As I was looking for the elevator, one of the ushers, Barb, asked me if I wanted a place that would be more comfortable to sit and watch the game, and I said “Sure.”  She took me over a few sections to what is the press and broadcast booth for the Vikings/Golden Gophers football games.  She told me if I wanted to go look around, that when I came back she would have it set up for me where I could watch from there.  So I headed out on my tour and when I got back I talked to the usher, Keith, that was working there and he hooked me up with my own private section of the broadcast booth, complete with a flatscreen plasma monitor!!  Was like my own little suite with its own private bathroom right outside my door!  Had a great view of the field, except for deep right.  Had this been a football game, I would have been on the 45 yard line.  Was quite awesome.

Somewhere around the 2nd inning, Keith opened the door and asked me if I would like some company and in walks Gene.  He is a charter bus driver that brought a group to the game and since he drives a bus to the game, he gets in free.  We sat there watching the game and talked sports all game long.  He told me about his lucky streak at the local casinos and I  told him how I suck at gambling lol 🙂 What I will remember the most though about Gene is that in the bottom of the 8th, with 2 on and Cuddyer up, he said “Ok, let’s get this over with, there is a fan in the left field stands that wants to take home a souviner.”  To our shock, Cuddyer hit t he next pitch out of the park for a 3-run HR!  However, it did go to deep centerfield, but I still give Gene credit for calling the shot!

Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indians – H.H.H Metrodome

Miles Today: 846
Total Miles: 1700
New States Today: 2 (North Dakota, Minnesota)
Total States: 5
License Plate Game: 5 (MD, NY, TX, GA, LA 1 Canadian Province – Manitoba)
Total Plates: 32
Games: 1 (Twins win 7-2)
Total Games: 1
Beers: 1
Total Beers: 3
Hot Dogs: 1
Total Hot Dogs: 1

Indians (53-66)000200000280
Twins (70-49)1001000507170
W: Neshek, MIN (2-0) L: Carmona, CLEV (1-8)


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