2006 Road Trip – Day # 11 (Game #10)

The drive to St. Louis was an easy one, all I had to do was take I-70 West from just south of Pittsburgh and I would run into St. Louis. So needless to say the drive wasnt that exciting at all. Those 600 miles went pretty quick really and I am guessing it was because I was very excited to get to St. Louis as the New Busch Stadium would be my 30th current major league ballpark and would complete my dream of seeing them all.  So as I got in to town I headed straight to my hotel to check in.

I am staying at the Millenium Hotel which is about 600 yards, or less, from the ballpark.  This is AWESOME!  So when I checked in, I went up to my room, relaxed for a while and then headed down to the stadium around 5:30pm.  I walked to the park, around a bit on my way to my seat, and was seated by 6:00pm!  I knew it was close, but thats just incredible!

The new Busch Stadium is a beauty, with its retro feel of red brick and green steel.  The view of the Arch is also incredible.  In old Busch you couldnt see it that well, but here you can from just about everywhere, except the bleachers.  There is a big hole where the old stadium used to sit,but I heard they are going to make some kinda “Plaza” there.  They sure took hadicapped people into consideration when they built this one, with ramps, several elevators and seating in several places.

The game was a good one, if you wear red, as the Cardinals won 2-0.  That was my 3rd shutout on this trip already, in 10 games.  That’s a .300 average 🙂 Nothing really noteworthy to mention from the game, except Jim Edmonds struck out 4 times, and Pujols didn’t do anything either.  I enjoyed seeing Edmonds K like that cause I am still pissed about his comments of not wanting to play in Seattle back in 1999.  So take that Jimmy!!

The coolest part of the night was that after the game was over and I started heading to my hotel, it took me only 18 minutes to go from my seat, in line for the elevator, with the crowd across the street and up to my room.  I was back in my room before a good majority of the people got out of the stadium, thats AWESOME!!

P.S… that picture of the Arch above was taken out the window of my hotel room!  Whatta view, huh??

Miles Today: 600
Total Miles: 3905
New States Today: 3 – W.Virginia, Ohio, Missouri
Total Countries: 2 (USA and Canada)
Total States: 14
License Plate Game: 0
Total Plates: 40
Games: 1 (St. Louis won 2-0)
Total Games: 10
Beers: 2
Total Beers: 25
Hot Dogs: 1
Total Hot Dogs: 8

Cubs (54-74)000000000051
Cardinals (67-60)00101000X2131
W: Suppan, STL (10-7) L: Mateo, CHC (1-2) S: Isringhausen, STL (31)


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