2006 Road Trip – Day # 12 (Game # 11)

Having a game at 12:20pm, I decided to sleep in a bit and then just head straight to the park.  I love the fact that my hotel is so close to the stadium and that I dont have an hour drive or so like I do at home with Safeco.  If I lived this close to The Safe, I would have season tickets!

I finally left my hotel about 11:30am and from the door of my room to the gate at Busch Stadium, it took me 5 minutes to walk.  Thats just insanity I tell you!  Today I took the chance to walk around the side of Busch and look at a couple different entrances, like the 3rd base side and left field entry.  The 3rd base side is really cool with its arched steel and statue of Stan “The Man” Musial. I just love the brick work of the new park, its so cool!

I entered at the 3rd base entry and promptly went up to look at the fiedl from that side, took a few pictures, then got out of everyones way so they could find their seats and I headedu p to section 358 to find mine right in front of the Hardees sign.  You cant miss that sign, especially at night, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  The seats were great though, with a beautiful view of the field, all of the action, as well as the St. Louis skyline, the Arch and my hotel, the Millenium.

The game was a good one, the Cardinal’s Chris Carpenter had a No-No until 1 out in the 5th.  The guy sitting 3 seats down from me (though the 2 inbetween us were empty) goes and mentioned “I smell a no-no!!”  I shot him a look and said “SSHHHHHH!!” lol :)  Come to find out, that guy is from Seattle.
He is in ST. Louis visiting family.  Small world.  Between him and the guy in Detroit that usedto live in Puyallup, weird. Carpenter had a shutout until Phil Nevil tied the game with a solo shot, only the 2nd hit of the day for the Cubs.  I had been starring my 4th shutout of this trip in the face, and 3rd in 4 nights, but Nevin made sure that didnt happen.  Now it looked as if we were headed to extras, which in 11 games so far I had only done once before, and that was the first game of Cards vs Cubs at Wrigley last week.  However, with a couple hits and a walk, the Cardinals won the game in the bottom of the 9th and sent the 40,000+ Redbird fans home happy.

After the game I walked back to the hotel, got in my car and headed south to go tour the Anheiser Busch Brewery… also known as BUDWEISER!  Having toured the Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee earlier in the trip, I was curious to see the difference between the two.  As it turns out, there is a reason why they call Budweiser “The King Of Beers”.  It really shows from the moment you walk into the information area where you await your tour. For starters, they run tours every 15 minutes, and they consist of about 50 people, where Miller runs them every 30 minutes for about 40-50 people.  You can also tell that the guides are much more knowledgeable here than at Miller, it really shows.  The whole tour was really cool, from seeing some of the World Famous Clydesdales up close to touring the brew house.  I really thought th ecoolest part of the tour wasnt only the coolest, but the “Coolest”.  Its a storage area where they do their famous beechwood ageing.  This room has to stay a constant 50 degrees, and since it was over 90 outside, we all loved being in that room!  Plus,  each of these tanks can hold something like 200,000+ 6packs of beer… and there was like a dozen or so of these tanks!  The lady told us that if you drank 1 case a day from these tanks, it would take you over 200 years to empty!  Now thats ALOT of beer!  But of course there were guys on the tour that said they were ready for the challenge!  These building we were going through were very old, most of them from the 1800’s and several of them were National Historic sites.

The tour ends with a stop by the hospitality house where we can have 2 samples of beer if we like, so I tried the Michelob Amber Bock and the Surf Bum Blonde.  Both were actually quite good and you ccould taste the freshness, I’m not kidding!  We were later told that the beer we were  tasting was about 5 days old, where its usually about 30 days old by the time it gets to the stores to be sold… thats quite the difference.

The game and the tour were the only things I had scheduled for the day so I headed back to the hotel to relax for a while and I asked one of the doormen where I could find a good, causal, place for dinner.  He suggest a “sports bar” up the street called Caleco’s.  So after I relaxed a bit, I grabbed the car and away I went.  Now, to me, this was a bar & grill that just happened to have TV’s playing sports on them, as compared to a “Sports Bar” where they have big screens playing games and is dedicated to sports.  Either way, the food was good.  I had a club salad and some blue cheese chips, which were freshly sliced potatoes, seasoned, with a blue cheese sauce drizzled over them and more in a bowl in the middle to dunk in.  They were VERY good!

For the first time on this trip I found myself in bed and asleep by 10:3opm, it was much needed!
: 20
Total Miles: 3925
New States Today: 0
Total Countries: 2 (USA and Canada)
Total States: 14
License Plate Game: 0
Total Plates: 40
Games: 1 (St. Louis won 2-1)
Total Games: 11
Beers: 7
Total Beers: 32
Hot Dogs: 1
Total Hot Dogs: 9

Miles Today

Cubs (54-75)000000010130
Cardinals (68-60)001000001280
W: Flores, STL (1-1) L: Novoa (2-1)


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