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When Bob & I adjusted our trip, I had already got our rental car via Priceline and got a great deal on a Premium car. So I needed to make changes, so I called Priceline to see if I could add a day on and pick it up 1 day earlier, they told me I needed to call Avis in Baltimore. So I called Avis and they told me only Priceline could help me. Needless to say after a few more call… I got nowhere! So I have been, on and off, working on trying to get a 1 day rental via Priceline for a good price… and I haven’t been able to find it. This morning I finally got our rental, the only real problem is that its with Alamo! This means that we will have to return to the airport on the 16th to change cars. LOVELY! I had already figured that we would have to, so I have been planning on it, but really hoped it wouldn’t happen. No biggie, we can handle it, would have cost us about an additional $60 to avoid it, so this works for me.

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