Braves vs Brewers – May 1, 2002


I flew into Chicago with the plans of hanging out with a friend of mine.  She told me she would be busy the first couple days I was in town, so I decided to go catch a couple baseball games.  My original plan was to catch the Mariners at Comiskey for a couple nights, but as I got into town it was raining, and raining pretty good.  It was then I remembered that Miller Park has a roof and it was off to Milwaukee for me, cause I knew they would be playing.  I already had tickets for the game on May 2nd, 12:05pm, at Miller Park with the plans of leaving the game in time to make it to Comiskey for the night cap, so catching 2 games would be awesome.

I got to Miller Park, parked and then started looking at all the people who were tailgating.  I was amazed, cause while I had heard about it, I had never seen it.  People with BBQ’s set up, charcoal kinds no less, ice chests of beer, the works.  After taking a few moments to check that all out I had to start looking for a ticket booth to see what I could get.  I usually go for the bleacher seats and today was no different, finding myself in the front row of section 238, which is the “Family/No Alcohol” section.  After getting my ticket I walked around outside the park taking it all in.  Much like with The Ball Park in Arlington, I loved the brick work with the green steel.  They have statues paying tribute to Hank Aaron and Robin Yount that look cool.  They also have one dedicated to those that helped build the park, which was a very nice touch. From here you can see the Little League field that sits where the old County Stadium used to be.

As I made my way in the initial feel I got was similar to Safeco Field, when the roof is closed.  I walked around checking out all the nooks and cranies and the sightlines were great.  There was only a small handful of places where you couldn’t see the entire field, not to shabby if I do say so.  When I was getting close to my seat I decided that I needed to get myself a Brat with some kraut and let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

The game started with a bang, a bunt single by Furcal, a K by Giles and then on a 1-1 pitch, Chipper Jones goes yard! 2-0 Braves! Then in the 3rd inning, on a 2-1 pitch, Giles went deep! 3-0 Braves. Tom Glavine was tossing a great game, allowing only 2 hits until the 8th inning when he gave up a solo HR to Hernandez.  That’s where the scoring ended, with the Braves winning 3-1.

As I left the park, it was POURING rain!  This is why I was glad to go to Milwaukee, cause they had a roof and we stayed dry thanks to it.  I didn’t have much of a walk to my car since I opted for the “Preferred” parking for $12.  Sorry to all those who didn’t.

Random Thoughts:
1) The roof is awesome.  The design is nothing like we have seen before, be it in Seattle or Arizona or even Toronto.  This roof opens and closes sorta like a fan.  Its pretty cool.
2) You can get day of game seats for $1!  They are partially obstructed view and they are called the Bob Uecker Seats.  You have a pole in your sightline, but for $1, you’re in the park and can walk around all you want.
3) There are some really dedicated fans who support their Brewers to no end.  There was a group of said fans 1 section over from me that were really supporting Richie Sexson and trying to get everyone to vote for him for the All-Star game (held in Milwaukee later this year).
4) My seat was directly above the Brewers bullpen.  Was kinda cool to get to look down and watch the pitchers warming up.

Braves (13-15)201000000380
Brewers (8-19)000000010131
W: Glavine, ATL (5-1) L: Quevedo, MIL (1-3) S: Smoltz, ATL (8)


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