Mariners vs White Sox – May 2, 2002


I was at the afternoon game in Milwaukee and it went to extra innings, actually extra inning as it ended in the 10th.  I had to hit the road and make the drive down to Chicago and while traffic was heavy, I made it to Comiskey Park about an hour before game time.

I had been warned about going to the South Side and wearing gear from an opposing team, yet there I was decked out in Mariner’s blue!  Comiskey is a HUGE park!  The upper deck seems to just keep going and is sooo steep!  I luckily had a seat down the 1st base line, 1 row down from the main concourse.  As I walked around the park, checking out things like the White Sox Hall of Fame, the sight lines and looking at the food they offer I got hungry, so I got in line to get me a Chicago-Style Dog.  As I stood there, just a couple sections from my seat, I saw someone go to put ketchup on their dog and literally heard several people GASP! I like ketchup on my dogs, normally, but it was that day that I learned you don’t put it on your Chicago dogs!

I got to my seat just in time for the Star Spangled Banner to be sung and the game to begin.  This one got started off FAST, like shot from a cannon!  Ichiro led off being hit by the very first pitch, the next pitch Bret Boone hit for a 2-run HR.  4 pitches later and Mike Cameron hit a solo shot!  3 batters in, 3-0 Mariners, but it didn’t end there.  The Mariners added 2 more before their first out and Jerry Manuel replaced Rauch with Parque on the mound.  Ichiro grounded into a fielders choice and then  Boone took the 1st pitch of his next at bat and JACKED IT! 9-0 Mariners.  Boone has now seen 2 pitches, and hit both of them out of the park!  It took Cameron 7 pitches before he hit his 2nd homerun of the game and when Olerud grounded out, the top 1/2 of the 1st inning ended, 10-0 Mariners!!

During the top of the 1st I had an usher wallk over to me and appologize for giving me a bad time about my Mariners gear, jokingly of course, cause of the score.  He ended up stopping by a few more times during the game as well.  Also during that inning a couple showed up in the seats to my right who were driving on their way to a wedding in Iowa, saw they White Sox were in town and decided to stop and catch a game.

The score stayed the same until the 3rd inning when Cameron took an 0-1 pitch and deposited it beyond the center field fence for his 3rd HR of the game!!!  The Mariners picked up 1 more to make it 12-0 at that point.  The White Sox got 1  in the bottom of the 4th but the Mariners got it back when Cameron went yard for his 4th time in 4 at bats!!  In his next at bat Cameron was plunked on the backside and the White Sox pitcher was actually booed by the White Sox fans, it was awesome!  In his last at bat, he sent a shot flying to right that had the fielder pressed up against the wall to catch it.  I just knew it would be home run #5, and he would be the only player to do that, but it fell just short.

This was an amazing game, I mean heck, even Jeff Cirillo got an HR in this one.  When it was all said and done, the final score was 15-4 Mariners!!  What an incredible introduction to Comisky Field.  I had a great time on the South Side of Chicago and if I could go to a few more like this one, I would go back often.

Random Thoughts:
1)  Mike Cameron became only the 13th player to hit 4 Home Runs in a game.  He joins a list of players that does NOT include names like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds or even the player Cameron was once traded for, Ken Griffey Jr.
2) Cameron and Boone are the first and only teammates to go back-to-back TWICE in 1 inning.  Not even the greats Maris & Mantle can say they did that.
3)  My cell phone rang off the hook from friends and family who knew I would be at the game.  I spent a good part of the game answering my phone.
4)  Talk about lucky, I was lucky to be at this game, but the couple that showed up next to me that just happened to stop for the night so they could catch a game and whatta game they saw… MLB HISTORY!
5)  Not to say that Rauch or Parque had a bad game, but they were both sent down to the minors immediately following this game!
6)  Today I saw 2 games in 2 states, 1 NL and 1 AL all on the same day.  Man that’s awesome!

Mariners (19-9)100201010115160
White Sox (17-11)000110200491
W: Baldwin, SEA (3-1) L: Rauch, CHW (0-1)


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