Angels vs White Sox – August 8, 2002


Bob and I left Seattle on an early morning flight on United that had us getting into O’Hare via Denver.  This is our first Baseball Road Trip together and when we got to Chicago, we hit the ground running.  Got our rental car, got a second one that was the one we booked in the first place and headed into Chicago.  I had been telling Bob for a while about how Chicago would be like nothing he has ever experienced before.  He’s been to Seattle and Tulsa before, but Chicago is another beast and I wanted him to be ready for that.  It didn’t take long after we got on I-90 that Bob realized I was right because of the amount of traffic was something else.  We were stopped in traffic, about 2 exits from the one we needed and this car came flying by us on the shoulder that rocked our car!  Welcome to the big city Bob!  🙂

Our first stop was Wrigley Field.  While the Cubs were out of town, Bob got to see the great shrine in the neighborhood. After Wrigley we made our way through downtown to see a few things, like the Navy Pier, Soldier Field, the “Bundy Fountain” and then made our way towards the South Side and Comiskey Field.

Other than the Kingdome and Safeco Field (both ‘home’ parks for us) Bob has never been to a game at another ball park, until today.  I think I had more fun watching him looking around and taking it all in.  We had plenty of time before the game so we made our way around the park looking at everything and checking the field out from almost every angle.  Just down the 3rd base line from home, we grabbed a couple sausages and sat down to watch the Angels taking batting practice.   It was funny to see how Bob reacted to things, like sitting in seats we didn’t have tickets for.  He was worried we would be thrown out for doing it, even during BP.  NEWBIE! :)  But to watch him following the balls as they were hit out of the park, the excitement in his eyes, was awesome!

Just before game time we made our way to our seats, the bleachers in left field.  We actually had 2nd row seats, but decided to grab a couple empty seats in the top row, near the closest beer stand and restroom. ;)  The thing we both remember the most is that after the sun ducked behind the upper deck, the field seemed to glow!  It was pretty cool.  I know most people can’t stand Comiskey and when you compare it to other parks that followed soon after, like Camden Yards, I get that… but we had a great experience and this was my 2nd great experience there within 3 months.

The game was a good one, Parque vs Sele.  Parque went 5 1/3 innings, which was 5 1/3 longer than the last time I saw him pitch there (May 2, 2002).   Gil went deep for the Halos and both Lee and the Big Hurt did the same for the Pale Hose. The home team held on for a 3-2 win.

The game was secondary to the night really.  It was about 75 degrees at game time and while Bob was able to down a few and let go on his first vacation in years, I was playing DD for us, the real entertainment were these 2 ladies across the aisle from us that just kept pounding them back.

After the game we took the obligatory pictures of us by the scoreboard and then hit the road to Dubuque, IA.  The drive was great, the views of Chicago at night, with the windows down, was something special.  Bob says he will never forget our time on the South Side.

Angels (67-47)110000000271
White Sox (55-61)02001000X380
W: Parque, CHW (1-1) L: Sele, ANA (8-8) S: Marte, CHW (5)


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