2009 Baseball Road Trip Schedule – CHANGED!!!!

Fenway Park - Phoo From www.ballparks.com

Fenway Park - Photo From www.ballparks.com

How I missed this, I dunno, but I can say that after looking at www.baseballtripplanner.com, I noticed that on June 18th we could do an afternoon game at Yankee Stadium (1pm vs the Nationals) then get outta there ASAP and make it to Fenway for the night game (7:10pm vs the Marlins). It’s gonna be tight, but we’ll do it 🙂 WOOHOOO! Gonna grab a couple SRO’s and have a great time!

New schedule is as follows:

June 16th – Orioles vs Mets – 7:05pm @ Camden Yards
June 17th – Phillies vs Blue Jays – 7:05pm @ Citizens Bank Park
June 18th – Yankees vs Nationals – 1:05pm @ (new) Yankee Stadium
June 18th – Red Sox vs Marlins – 7:10pm @ Fenway Park
June 19th – Mets vs Rays – 7:10pm @ Citi Field
June 20th – Nationals vs Blue Jays – 7:05pm @ Nationals Park

This will be awesome!! 6 games, 5 days… and now FENWAY!

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    I am gonna be at the Orioles/Mets game that night on the 16th! where are your seats?

  2. 2

    Hey Paul, we grabbed a couple ‘bleacher’ seats out on center/right center. Always cool to meet new people when on the road, you should drop by and say Hey. 🙂

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