Red Sox vs Mariners – May 16, 2009


Back in March when Mariners tickets went on sale, my wife and I decided to take a weekend and stay up in the Seattle area and catch both the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon games. This weekend was naturally the weekend we chose because the Boston Red Sox were in town. I was also lucky enough to get us ‘Hit It Here Cafe’ seats for tonight’s game, outside upper counter. They are spendy, $49, but come with an $18 food voucher (which doesn’t go far!).

We got to Seattle in the early afternoon hours. We had planned on making a full day of it, but between getting out of the house later than we planned and there being so much traffic, not only on the drive up, but also in Seattle, the day was going by fast! We decided to grab a bite to eat, which we did at Buca Di Beppo (a great Italian place), then we headed to Bellevue to check into our hotel before heading back to Seattle. As it is we were lucky to get a hotel room. We tried for days on Priceline and just didn’t get anything. Everywhere was full up cause there was a lot going on in Seattle this weekend, between the games, and various festivals. The weather was amazing as well, so that brought a ton of people into the city.

After checking into our hotel, we rested for a bit then hit the road for the game. We got to Safeco, parked in my usual lot (which now costs $30!) and headed in. We got inside right at the end of batting practice, which was cool, cause we weren’t there to see that today anyway. See, my wife’s favorite players were either hurt (Youkilis) or benched (Ortiz) so there was no big reason for us to rush today (though we did find out later that Ortiz did take BP). We took our time walking around Safeco, checking out all the food stands and look at things people were selling.

We had awesome seats up in the ‘Hit It Here Cafe’ overlooking right field. We sat up here for a game vs the Yankees 2 years ago, but we sat inside. We did have front row seats there, but with the lights and the reflection off the glass, we were looking at ourselves for about 4 innings! This time I opted for outside and while we had upper counter, that just put us that much closer to the restroom, which is always a good thing. As for the food, we started off with the mini corn dogs, and then moved on to an entree each, where I had the nachos, Yvonne opted for the chicken strips. Both are really good, and better than what you can get any where else, but for $14, YIKES! I must say that the nachos did fill me up and I was unable to complete them, but then again, I am not the average eater (believe it or not). If my buddy Mike had been there with me, he would have finished them off and probably still be hungry! I had a couple beers ($8.75 each) and Yvonne had some diet pepsi ($4 each), which she was not charged for… we still don’t know why. Since we had a counter seat, we were facing the action, whereas if you get a table (seats 4 and when you buy tickets, you must buy 4 at the same time), you have to turn sideways to see the game. You can however come up and check out the view and have a bite to eat before games, you just have to vacate the cafe at least 30 minutes prior to game time to make room for those who have tickets for the game. That’s kinda cool, so you can see the view and buy the expensive food, yet still sit in a cheap seat if you want to.

The game itself was a great one. The Red Sox started off quick. Following a walk to Drew, the smoking hot Jason Bay (from Trail, BC), dropped a 2-Run HR into the left field stand, 2-0 Red Sox. In the 2nd inning, it happened again. This time after a walk to Lugo, Jason Veritek dropped a 2-Run HR into the left field stands, 4-0 Red Sox. Been here, done this before…. same score at the same point as last night. Tonight was different though cause in the bottom of the second, after a single by Balentien, Betancourt dropped a 2-Run HR into the left field stands (evidently I need to start sitting in left, might get a homerun ball if I do!), 4-2 Red Sox. In the 4th, after an error on Lugo allowed Beltre to reach, Branyan’s shot into the gap scored Beltre and Branyan took 3rd on the throw home, 4-3 Red Sox. It didnt stay there long, cause in the 5th Bailey (from Longview, WA) took the first pitch he saw from Olson and put it in the left field stands, 5-3 Red Sox. That’s how it ended after Papelbon came on to close it for his 10th save of the year.

Red Sox (22-15)220010000561
Mariners (17-20)020100000361
W: Beckett, BOS (4-2) L: Olson, SEA (0-1) S: Papelbon, BOS (10)


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