Got Our Red Sox Tickets Today!!


Red Sox Tix!!

Like a kid on Christmas morning I anxiously went to check my mailbox today to see what was inside, hoping for the best, and they were here!!  Our Red Sox tickets have arrived!!  What a glorious sight to see!!  The tickets proudly show Jon Lester pitching in the 9th inning of his no-hitter vs the Royals.  They also tell us that we will be at game # 32, which is vs the Florida Marlins, Thursday June 18, 2009 at 7:05pm!  I didn’t want to spend too much on seats, and honestly as tightly cramped as Fenway seats are, without getting a counter seat either on the Monster or in the roof box seats, I would have to do what I did here and opt for Standing Room Only tix.  SRO’s aren’t bad and from my understanding, the best ones to get are the ones located in the 3rd Base Pavilion area, so that’s what I did.  Red Sox tickets for games at Fenway are hard to come by so while these seats say $25 face value, we did pay about $10 more per for them, which I think is pretty good since I see these same ones going for $50-$150 on Stubhub!

This will be Bob’s first game at Fenway, first time ever to Boston for that matter.  It will be my 3rd game.  I was lucky enough to catch a game in July 2003 vs the Blue Jays, with my nephew Sean, we had 1st row Green Monster seats.  Then in May 2005, my wife and I, caught a game vs the Mariners with Right Field Roof Box seats.   Both had counter tops and stools.  Was awesome!!  Can’t wait for June 18th!! WOOHOO!

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