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(Old) Busch Stadium pictures


The old Busch stadium was very picturesque with the St. Louis Arch nearby.


My 1st game at Busch Stadium was July 26, 2002 - Cardinals vs Cubs.


I caught 2 games, back to back Card/Cubs games, at Busch my first trip through there. The Saturday game was a national TV game on FOX and man it was HOT!

(Old) Yankee Stadium pictures


While I cant stand the Yankees, I will admit that I cried my first trip to Yankee Stadium. The history of the place and actually being there was overwhelming.


On May 9, 2005, my wife and I took the tour of Yankee Stadium. Got to see alot of things up close, including the dugouts, and even got to walk along the warning track from centerfield to the Yankees dugout!


The view from the press box at Yankee Stadium.


"Box Seats Suck! Box Seats Suck!" Sitting with the 'Bleacher Creatures" - Yankees vs Mariners - May 10, 2005.


No trip to Yankee Stadium was complete without checking out Monument Park. This is my nephew Sean on our Baseball Road Trip - July 19, 2003

Shea Stadium pictures


Shea Stadium in Queens, NY.


My 1st, and only game, at Shea Stadium - 05/05/05.


As I took this picture my other had was flipping off the first base area where the ball went through Bill Buckner's legs in game 6 of the 1986 World Series. I felt much better after doing that 🙂


My first time ever sitting in real box seats. My wife and I had seats 1 & 2 in the same row, yet she was sitting right behind me... go figure!

RFK Stadium pictures


I just loved the look of the stadium as we walked up.


RFK is your basic "cookie cutter" stadium.


I was suprised by 2 things on my visit.. 1) How boring the Nationals fans were, especially since it was an ESPN Sunday Night game and 2) How horrible the inside of the stadium was. thank goodness it was only a temp home.


My 1st, and only, game at RFK Stadium - Nationals vs Mets - May 1, 2005.

Progressive Field pictures


Jacobs Field in Cleveland is now known as Progressive Field.


My 1st trip to Progressive Field - Indians vs Yankees - July 23, 2002.

Citizens Bank Park pictures


Citizens BankPark in Philadelphia.


Citizens Bank park is a VAST improvement over The Vet.


We never made it to our seats, we just walked around the main level taking the game in from different view points.


They have countertops for you to put your cheesesteak and beer on while enjoying the game.


My 1st game at Citizens Bank Park - Phillies vs Marlins - May 1, 2005.

Cinergy Field pictures

Cinergy Field

Sadly, my camera died on me just after taking this picture - July 22, 2002.

Tropicana Field Pictures


Yep! It really is slanted like that. It's been referred to as a crash-landed space ship... I can see that.


The Trop is a dome, but I was more impressed than I thought I would be, honestly.


My 1st game at Tropicana Field - Rays vs Jays - August 27, 2008


The view from the tank filled with Rays is pretty cool also.


Right behind the centerfield wall... I didn't spend much time there, didn't wanna get busted! 🙂

Petco Park pictures


My 1st game at Pecto Park - July 26, 2004


I had a great seat down the 3rd baseline, front row! Believe it or not, not a single foul ball came my way!


The Western Metal Supply Company building just looks natural there.

Alameda County Coliseum pictures


Whatever they call this place these days, its NOT a baseball park by any means. One of the worst I have been to in all aspects.


See the caption for the above picture... still holds true.