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Welcome to SeeAll30.com…

I’m are just getting started, so bear with me.  But this site will be where I share my stories of visiting ballparks, Major League and Minor League, from around the country.  Stay tuned and thanks!

Mariners vs Padres – May 19, 2007

I left home a little later than I wanted to, but as I crested “the hill” and could see that the roof at Safeco Field was open, all was good.  I took my usual exit, went up 4th to Edgar Martinez Drive and as I got to 1st, which is the corner where the home […]

Padres (23-20)010011100491
Mariners (19-19)2311000007140
W: Rameriez, SEA (4-2) L: Maddux, SD (3-3) S: Putz, SEA (10)


Mariners vs Padres – May 18, 2007

So Interleague play has begun… and the first series of such for the Mariners brings their “Rivals” the San Diego Padres to Safeco for a 3 game set this weekend.  I don’t get how they can be our “Rivals” because there isnt any bad blood between the two teams or anything and the only real […]

Padres (23-19)0003001408111
Mariners (18-19)0010000001101
W: Young, SD (5-3) L: Batista, SEA (3-4)


OPENING DAY! Mariners vs A’s…

Opening Day is the only day that I ask off from work.  Last year there was a big deal made about me asking for it off, cause someone else wanted it off as well.  However, when she handed in her big list of days off, it wasnt on there, so when I asked for it, […]

Athletics (0-1)000000000042
Mariners (1-0)00000400X441
W: Hernandez, SEA (1-0) L: Haren, OAK (0-1)


2006 Road Trip – Map (Final)

2006 Road Trip – Day # 17 (Game # 13)

I couldnt believe it when my alarm went off at 5:15am and I had to get up.  Just didnt seem like it could be that early already, but it was, so I was up and getting ready to roll.  By the time I was ready, had the car loaded and was pulling out of the […]

Mets (82-50)2002000004131
Rockies (62-71)30221000X8151
W: Francis, COL (11-10) L: Perez, NYM (2-11)


2006 Road Trip – Day # 15 (Game # 12)

For the first time on my entire trip,  today I had someone traveling with me.  My brother Judd was going to go with me to Dallas to see the town and catch a Rangers game in Arlington. Judd took the keys and we hit the road right at 6am.  The drive down to Dallas wasnt […]

Orioles (59-72)021000001481
Rangers (68-65)03001050X9101
W: Millwood, TEX (13-9) L: Lopez, BAL (9-14)


2006 Road Trip – Day # 12 (Game # 11)

Having a game at 12:20pm, I decided to sleep in a bit and then just head straight to the park.  I love the fact that my hotel is so close to the stadium and that I dont have an hour drive or so like I do at home with Safeco.  If I lived this close […]

Cubs (54-75)000000010130
Cardinals (68-60)001000001280
W: Flores, STL (1-1) L: Novoa (2-1)