SeeAll30 is going to SEE ALL 30 this season!

I just got confirmation that I am a go to attempt my trip to See All 30 this season!  I am very excited considering it wasn’t long ago that I thought I wouldn’t be catching any games at all this season out side of Seattle.  I will be starting my trip with Chuck Booth and […]

The Birth Of A Big Trip…

You know, it’s funny how some things work out.  It wasn’t that very long ago that I believed that I wouldn’t be visiting a single park outside of Seattle this year, then I got to talking with Chuck Booth about his attempt to break his own held Guinness World Record of getting to all 30 […]

Hanging with Chuck Booth…

I’m at my house right now here in Marysville hanging with World Record Holder Chuck Booth discussing his trip and the portion of it that I will be on with him.  Got a lot of good planning going on.  This trip is gonna be incredible! Since I last posted my schedule, a few things have […]

My Trip Schedule…

As of right now the following is my schedule for my trip in April when I hit the road with Guinness World Record holder Douglas “Chuck” Booth as he attempts to break his own record.  Right now the trip has me at 10 games, in 8 days in 8 different MLB parks. April 19th – […]


Well, I did it!! I am officially booked on a flight from Seattle to Kansas City, MO the morning of April 20th! I will be joining Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth for at least 6 games (SEA/KC/CHC/MIL/PGH/CHW), which is 1/5 or 20%, of his attempt to break his own currently held Guinness World Record of getting to […]

New Road Trip Is Scheduled!

Just this morning I was able to finalize plans to be able to hit the road with Guinness World Record Holder Chuck Booth for a portion of his attempt to break his own record and see full games at all 30 MLB Ballparks in 20 days!  I cant wait to hit the road… details forth […]

The Book Is Available!!!!

Order your copy of “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” TODAY!

Coming Soon To A Book Store Near You…


Top 30 Ballparks…. as *I* See it! :)

Having been to all of the ballparks that make up the Major Leagues I have been asked what my favorite is, what my least favorite is and what my “Top 30″ is, yet I have never actually sat down to rank my “Top 30″ before, but here it is. These are based on everything that […]

T-Minus 19 hours and counting…

The road trip I am calling “Baseball, Beer… and DISNEY!” is 19 hours away from starting. I will be hitting the road no later than 3am in the morning for my drive to Oakland. That’s 755 miles I gotta drive tomorrow. I haven’t completely made up my mind, but I may or may not go […]