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SeeAll30 is going to SEE ALL 30 this season!

I just got confirmation that I am a go to attempt my trip to See All 30 this season!  I am very excited considering it wasn’t long ago that I thought I wouldn’t be catching any games at all this season out side of Seattle.  I will be starting my trip with Chuck Booth and hopefully all goes smooth and there is NO RAIN.

My schedule is as follows:

Ballpark   # 1   Game   # 1  – Thursday, April 19th – 7:10pm – Mariners vs Indians – Safeco Field (Seattle, WA)
Ballpark   # 2   Game   # 2  – Friday, April 20th – 7:10pm – Royals vs Blue Jays – Kauffmann (Kansas City, MO)
Ballpark   # 3   Game   # 3  – Saturday, April 21st – 12:05pm – Cubs vs Reds – Wrigley Field (Chicago, IL)
Ballpark   # 4   Game   # 4  – Saturday, April 21st  – 6:05pm – Brewers vs Rockies – Miller Park (Milwaukee, WI)
Ballpark   # 5   Game   # 5  – Monday, April 23rd  – 7:10pm – Twins vs Red Sox – Target Field (Minneapolis, MN)
Ballpark   # 6   Game   # 6  – Tuesday, April 24th – 7:10pm – Mariners vs Tigers – Comerica Park (Detroit, MI)
Ballpark   # 7   Game   # 7  – Wednesday, April 25th – 12:35pm – Pirates vs Rockies – PNC Park (Pittsburgh, PA)
Ballpark   # 8   Game   # 8  – Wednesday, April 25th – 7:10pm – Indians vs Royals – Progressive Field (Cleveland, OH)
Ballpark   # 9   Game   # 9  – Thursday, April 26th – 7:10pm – White Sox vs Red Sox – US Cellular Field (Chicago, IL)
Ballpark   #10  Game  #10  – Saturday, April 28th – 7:10pm – Orioles vs A’s – Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD)
Ballpark   #11  Game  #11  – Sunday, April 29th – 7:10pm – Phillies vs Cubs – Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia, PA)
Ballpark   #12  Game  #12  – Monday, April 30th – 7:10pm – Red Sox vs A’s – Fenway Park (Boston, MA)
Ballpark   #13  Game  #13  – Tuesday, May 1st  – 7:05pm – Yankees vs Orioles – Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)
Ballpark   #14  Game  #14  – Wednesday, May 2nd  – 12:35pm – Blue Jays vs Rangers – Rogers Centre (Toronto, ON)
Ballpark   #15  Game  #15  – Thursday, May 3rd   – 12:35pm – Reds vs Cubs – Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati, OH)
Ballpark   #16  Game  #16  – Saturday, May 5th   – 1:05pm – Nationals vs Phillies – National’s Park (Washington DC)
Ballpark   #17  Game  #17  – Sunday, May 6th   – 1:10pm – Mets vs D’Backs – Citi Field (Queens, NY)
Ballpark   #18  Game  #18  – Tuesday, May 8th  – 7:05pm – Astros vs Marlins – Minute Maid Park (Houston, TX)
Ballpark   #18  Game  #19  – Friday, May 11th  – 7:05pm – Rangers vs Angels – Rangers Ballpark (Arlington, TX)
Ballpark   #19  Game  #20  – Saturday, May 12th   – 6:15pm – Cardinals vs Braves – Busch Stadium (St. Louis, MO)
Ballpark   #20  Game  #21  – Monday, May 14th  – 7:10pm – Marlins vs Pirates – Marlins Park (Miami, FL)
Ballpark   #21  Game  #22  – Tuesday, May 15th  – 7:10pm – Marlins vs Pirates – Marlin Park (Miami, FL)
Ballpark   #22  Game  #23  – Wednesday, May 16th  – 7:10pm – Rays vs Red Sox – Tropicana Field (Tampa, FL)
Ballpark   #23  Game  #24  – Thursday, May 17th  – 7:10pm – Braves vs Marlins – Turner Field (Atlanta, GA)
Ballpark   #24  Game  #25  – Saturday, August 18th  – 6:10pm – Rockies vs Marlins – Coors Field (Denver, CO)
Ballpark   #25  Game  #26  – Saturday, August 25th   – 5:10pm – D’Backs vs Padres – Chase Field (Phoenix, AZ)
Ballpark   #25  Game  #27  – Sunday, August 26th   – 1:10pm – D’Backs vs Padres – Chase Field (Phoenix, AZ)
Ballpark   #26  Game  #29  – Monday, August 27th   – 7:05pm – Padres vs Braves – Petco Park (San Diego, CA)
Ballpark   #27  Game  #30  – Tuesday, August 28th   – 7:05pm – Angels vs Red Sox – Angels Stadium (Los Angeles, CA)
Ballpark   #27  Game  #31  – Wednesday, August 29th   – 7:05pm – Angels vs Red Sox – Angels Stadium (Los Angeles, CA)
Ballpark   #28  Game  #32  – Thursday, August 30th   – 7:10pm – Dodgers vs D’Backs – Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, CA)
Ballpark   #29  Game  #33  – Friday, August 31st   – 7:05pm – A’s vs Red Sox – Coliseum (Oakland, CA)
Ballpark   #29  Game  #34  – Saturday, September 1st   – 6:05pm – A’s vs Red Sox – Coliseum (Oakland, CA)
Ballpark   #29  Game  #35  – Sunday, September 2nd  – 1:05pm – A’s vs Red Sox – Coliseum (Oakland, CA)
Ballpark   #30  Game  #36  – Monday, September 3rd  – 1:05pm – Giants vs D’Backs – AT&T Park (San Francisco, CA)
Ballpark   #30  Game  #37  – Tuesday, September 4th  – 7:05pm – Mariners vs Red Sox – Safeco Field (Seattle, WA)


The Birth Of A Big Trip…

You know, it’s funny how some things work out.  It wasn’t that very long ago that I believed that I wouldn’t be visiting a single park outside of Seattle this year, then I got to talking with Chuck Booth about his attempt to break his own held Guinness World Record of getting to all 30 MLB ballparks the fastest.  I got to thinking how I should be able to drive to his, hopefully, last game of his streak in San Francisco as it’s only a 12 hour drive from my house.  I mentioned this to Chuck and he informed me he changed his schedule and he will now finish in Chicago, if all goes well, on the South Side.  Not a problem!  I can drive to Chicago and catch a couple Twins vs Red Sox games in Minneapolis along the way. What a great way to spend a week!

Once Chuck heard this he had one simple question for me, “What is your last day of work for this tax season?”  I told him that the season ends on April 17th, I have employee evals on the 18th and I am free to go as early as the 19th.  I got a 1 word message back from him on Facebook when he read this, “PERFECT!” Less than 5 minutes later I got an email filled with a bullet pointed schedule that included me going to at least 6 games with Chuck on his streak.  The basis of the email is that with his sponsorship, he would put me on as a driver and I would get to go to those games with him and possibly any makeup games if that happens. How could I say no to that?  Better yet, how could my wife say no to that??  After a quick look at the schedule, I realized I would be able to put in a few other games as well, to give me a total of 9 games in 8 days with a full weekend ahead to do whatever… or more games!

Our schedule was set then.  I would pick up Chuck at the airport in Seattle on April 19th and join him for the next week and a half.  I would get to see games as part of his streak in Seattle, Kansas City, Chicago (Wrigley), Milwaukee, Pittsburgh & Chicago (US Cellular).  I would also then add another game at Wrigley, one at Comerica Park and one at Progressive Field to round out my 9 game run.  This would be a great trip!

Then one Sunday afternoon during Spring Training Chuck came down to my house, he lives just over an hour away, to hang out and watch some spring ball with me.  We got to talking about situations on his trip and he let me know that I shouldn’t schedule anything for the weekend after his scheduled record breaker in Chicago because there was a good chance he would have makeup games to do. We discussed the possibilities of make up games in Arlington, St. Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta and maybe even Miami or Tampa.  We talked about how I would be the one getting him to the game if it was within a days drive, Arlington being about the furthest as it’s a 17 hour drive from Chicago.  As we got to talking about things, like the El Train schedule in Chicago if needed to get him from O’Hare to U.S. Cellular Field, Chuck got quiet for a few moments and then he says, “Ya know Big Dog, if you did this right, with your work trip to New Mexico in August, you could possibly see all 30 parks this summer”.  Um, what?  Seriously?  My response to him was simple, “Chuck, you’re a dick for mentioning that!”  Then I wanted to know how it would be possible….

The schedule came together fairly easily thanks to Chuck.  I would have to adjust my current schedule, give up my extra game at Wrigley and head to Minneapolis for a game.  I would still have an extra day off that I could spend visiting friends in Chicago before I head to Minneapolis.  That would work for me.  We had planned on going to a few games together after Chucks streak, so those games now became part of my SeeAll30 run.  We put the schedule together and the only part of it I really didn’t care for was the St. Louis to Baltimore drive over night.  That’s a long drive with no chance for error, especially when you are by yourself.  After it I would have a couple days to get to Miami, so that was nice.  My East Coast run, plus Seattle,was put together.  There it was sitting in front of me.  I know it wouldnt be easy, that it would be worth doing if I could.  I still had a couple hurdles to cross first before declaring it a go and when the wife said “Yes” and my boss agreed to my timeline for my New Mexico trip, I was ready to rock!  Little did I know how things would change but ya know, it’s funny how some things work out…

Hanging with Chuck Booth…

I’m at my house right now here in Marysville hanging with World Record Holder Chuck Booth discussing his trip and the portion of it that I will be on with him.  Got a lot of good planning going on.  This trip is gonna be incredible!

Since I last posted my schedule, a few things have changed… for the better.  The following games have now been added to my schedule:

May 2nd – Great American Ball Park – Red vs Cubs
May 3rd – Great American Ball Park – Red vs Cubs
May 11th – Marlins Ballpark – Marlins vs Mets
May 12th – Marlins Ballpark – Marlins vs Mets
May 13th – Marlins Ballpark – Marlins vs Mets
May 16th – Tropicana Field – Rays vs Red Sox
May 17th – Tropicana Field – Rays vs Red Sox

I might possibly push my first game in Miami back to the 12th and be there the 12th, 13th and 14th.  Will just have to see how it goes… nothing set in stone for those games yet.

4 weeks from Thursday is when I go pick up Chuck at the airport in Seattle and the adventure begins…


My Trip Schedule…

As of right now the following is my schedule for my trip in April when I hit the road with Guinness World Record holder Douglas “Chuck” Booth as he attempts to break his own record.  Right now the trip has me at 10 games, in 8 days in 8 different MLB parks.

April 19th – Safeco Field – Mariners vs Indians*
April 20th – Kauffman Stadium – Royals vs Blue Jays*
April 21st – Wrigley Field – Cubs vs Reds*+
April 21st – Miller Park – Brewers vs Rockies*+
April 22nd – Miller Park – Brewers vs Rockies#
April 23rd – Wrigley Field – Cubs vs Cardinals#
April 24th – Comerica Park – Tigers vs Mariners@
April 25th – PNC Park – Pirates vs Rockies*
April 25th – Progressive Field – Indians vs Royals#
April 26th – U.S. Cellular Field – White Sox vs Red Sox*

* – games with Chuck Booth as part of his Guinness World Record Attempt
+ – games where we will be joined by Bob DeVries
# – games I will go to by myself
@ – game where I will be joined by my friends the Reardons

We have a car reserved at the airport in Milwaukee on 4/22 that I will be picking up.  We’ll have that car from 4/22-5/3.  I will be flying home from Milwaukee on that date.  What we do from 4/27 til 5/3 is unknown at this point. It will all depend on if Chuck needs to make up games from possible misses during the run.  We might have to head to either STL, BAL, NYY, CWS or my bet if any of these happen, TEX.  From Chicago to Arlington would take us about 16.5 hours driving.  It most certainly could be done… if needed.



Well, I did it!! I am officially booked on a flight from Seattle to Kansas City, MO the morning of April 20th! I will be joining Douglas ‘Chuck’ Booth for at least 6 games (SEA/KC/CHC/MIL/PGH/CHW), which is 1/5 or 20%, of his attempt to break his own currently held Guinness World Record of getting to a full game at all 30 MLB ballparks the fastest!!!! I cant wait to hit the road, see some ballgames and get to hang out with friends like Bob DeVries! It’s gonna be EPIC… no, it’s gonna be Legen…. wait for it…. keep waiting… I hope your not lactose intolerant… dary!! 🙂 As always, thank you to my wife for saying I could go :* 143!

New Road Trip Is Scheduled!

Just this morning I was able to finalize plans to be able to hit the road with Guinness World Record Holder Chuck Booth for a portion of his attempt to break his own record and see full games at all 30 MLB Ballparks in 20 days!  I cant wait to hit the road… details forth coming! 🙂

The Book Is Available!!!!

Order your copy of “The Fastest 30 Ballgames” TODAY!

Coming Soon To A Book Store Near You…




Top 30 Ballparks…. as *I* See it! :)

Having been to all of the ballparks that make up the Major Leagues I have been asked what my favorite is, what my least favorite is and what my “Top 30″ is, yet I have never actually sat down to rank my “Top 30″ before, but here it is. These are based on everything that goes into going to a game, not just the park itself. It’s the overall experience… As I See It 🙂

1. Chicago Cubs-WRIGLEY FIELD
2. Boston Red Sox-FENWAY PARK
3. Seattle Mariners-SAFECO FIELD
5. Philadelphia Phillies-CITIZENS BANK PARK
6. New York Mets-CITI FIELD
7. Detroit Tigers-COMERICA PARK
8. San Francisco Giants-AT&T PARK
9. Pittsburgh Pirates-PNC PARK
10. San Diego Padres-PETCO PARK
11. St. Louis Cardinals-BUSCH STADIUM
12. Milwaukee Brewers-MILLER PARK
13. Colorado Rockies-COORS FIELD
15. Minnesota Twins-TARGET FIELD
16. New York Yankees-YANKEE STADIUM-NEW
17. Washington Nationals-NATIONALS PARK
19. Cleveland Indians-PROGRESSIVE FIELD
20. Atlanta Braves-TURNER FIELD
21. Los Angeles Dodgers-DODGER STADIUM
22. Kansas City Royals-KAUFFMAN STADIUM
23. Arizona Diamondbacks-CHASE FIELD
24. Houston Astros-MINUTE MAID PARK
25. Chicago White Sox-US CELLULAR FIELD
26. Toronto Blue Jays-ROGERS CENTER
27. Oakland Athletics-MCAFEE COLISEUM
28. Los Angeles Angels-ANGELS STADIUM
29. Tampa Bay Rays-TROPICANA FIELD
30. Florida Marlins-LAND SHARK STADIUM

T-Minus 19 hours and counting…

The road trip I am calling “Baseball, Beer… and DISNEY!” is 19 hours away from starting. I will be hitting the road no later than 3am in the morning for my drive to Oakland. That’s 755 miles I gotta drive tomorrow. I haven’t completely made up my mind, but I may or may not go to the game tomorrow night, just depends on when I get into town and how tired I am. If I miss tomorrows game, I will be at Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s games for sure. Then Wednesday evening I head to Los Angeles where I have a ticket for the Dodgers game on Friday, but might add a game there on Thursday as well. From the 21st -28th is Disney Week, with Angels games on the 24th and 28th. I may try to add the afternoon Padres game in on the 28th, we shall see. Then on my drive home I will pick up a Giants game on the 29th. On the 30th I make that long drive again, 755 miles, home. Should be a great trip!

Possible full schedule of games for me:
August 16th – Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics – Marcum (10-6) vs Anderson (3-3)
August 17th – Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics – Morrow (9-6) vs Morrow (7-8)
August 18th – Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics – Rzepczynski (1-1) vs Gonzalez (10-8)
August 19th – Colorado Rockies vs Los Angeles Dodgers – De La Rosa (4-3) vs Lilly (6-8)
August 20th – Cincinnati Red vs Los Angeles Dodgers – TBD
August 24th – Tampa Bay Rays vs Los Angeles Angels – TBD
August 28th – Philadelphia Phillies vs San Diego Padres – TBD
August 28th – Baltimore Orioles vs Los Angeles Angels – TBD
August 29th – Arizona Diamondbacks vs San Francisco Giants – TBD

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