My Trip Begins…

My day actually started way earlier than it needed to, honestly.  I was up and doing things by 7am, even though my flight wasn’t until 11:52pm, I still had several things that need to done first, such as laundry and packing.  I also had to go get gas for the Sante Fe because by 11:30am, […]

Today is the day!!!!

I am about 12 hours away from heading to SeaTac airport to board my flight to Milwaukee tonight.  By this time tomorrow I will be about 30 minutes outside of Minneapolis.  I am hoping to get into town by Noon, so I can park at the Mall of America and ride the Hiawatha Train up […]

5 days to go…

Can’t believe there is only 5 days left, and a few hours, before I head out on my trip.  After months of planning and waiting, it’s almost here.  I am almost ready but not quite yet.  I am putting together my “Trip Book” today with stuff I will need for my trip.  It’s a book […]

Cubs vs Mariners – June 24, 2010

Today was what I have been looking to as the official kick off to my Summer of Baseball 2010!  It couldn’t have been a better day today!  The sun was shining and it was freakin’ hot… I LOVED IT! I started my day off by picking up Doug in Tacoma and we headed towards The […]

Cubs (32-40)0100001000001360
Mariners (30-42)00010010000002111
W: Grabow, CHI (1-3) L: Olson, SEA (0-2) S: Gorzalanny, CHI (1)


1 Month To Go…

1 month from right now I will be making my way from Milwaukee to Minneapolis for my first game of the trip at the brand new Target Field. It’s a 5 hour drive from Milwaukee to Minneapolis, so as soon as I get into town I have to get on the road. You might be […]

All My Tickets Are Bought…

I finally pulled the trigger and bought the last couple tickets I needed to be completely covered for this trip. I was lacking a ticket to the first game @ Target Field as well as a ticket to the Mets game @ Citi Field. For this trip I wanted/needed to make sure I got my […]

I have you in my sights Target Field!

It’s official… the airline tickets are bought, rental car is booked (and paid for) and I have already purchased a ticket to 1 of the 2 games I will be going to, with the 2nd ticket not too far behind. I will be in Minneapolis to check out the brand new Target Field on July […]

The Big Trip Has Been Canceled!

After months of planning and waiting… I am sad to announce that the trip has been officially canceled as of just a few minutes ago! As sad as it is, cause it would have been an amazing trip, it don’t mean I wont be going to games this year! Look for reports on upcoming trips […]

2010 Road Trip… Schedule Change!

I got an email from Chuck the other day saying that, like me, he hates to have a day of vacation where he don’t get to see a ball game. So he worked up a new schedule for us next year and the only day(s) on the entire trip we wont be seeing a game […]

2010 Road Trip Planned!!

Since MLB announced their 2010 schedules the week of September 15th, it was time for all of us “Ball Park Geeks” to sit down and start planning our 2010 Baseball Road Trips. 2010 will be very different than I had originally pictured it. I only need to pick up Target Field in Minneapolis to (re)complete […]