4 Days To Go…

So the countdown is getting down to the nitty gritty here. Last night I decided to watch a favorite (baseball related) movie of mine again, “Fever Pitch”. I see a lot of myself in Ben Wrightman. Of course, I don’t live in a Red Sox museum, but if I was single I probably would 🙂 […]

Looking Ahead…. 5 Days To Go!

With 5 days left until we leave for Baltimore, I have started to look ahead at the schedules to see who we might be seeing pitch. If the rotations hold (most teams have a day off on Monday), then we will get to see the following match-ups: June 16th – Mets vs Orioles : Pelfrey […]

T Minus 10 days and counting…

10 days from right now we will be sitting on a plane headed to Baltimore.  WOW!  10 days to go!  We’ve been counting it down for 105 days now.  Gonna be a lot of fun, but a lot of running also.  I think the worst part will be the 7:00AM flight home.  What will be […]


I just found out that my newphew Sean and his girlfriend will be meeting Bob and I in Boston for the Red Sox game on June 18th!!  The first time I went to a game at Fenway was with Sean, July 20, 2003, so it will be cool to meet up with him at another […]

A great article on MSNBC.com…

“This journey was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” said Troy Foster, who accomplished the feat with a friend in the summer of 2008.

“Anyone who is a baseball fan should do it,” said Cary Freels, a hardy fellow who actually did his trip on a motorcycle — in a mere 40 days — in 2008. “I think it’s our Mecca. It’s something you have to do before you die.”

Got Our Red Sox Tickets Today!!

Like a kid on Christmas morning I anxiously went to check my mailbox today to see what was inside, hoping for the best, and they were here!!  Our Red Sox tickets have arrived!!  What a glorious sight to see!!  The tickets proudly show Jon Lester pitching in the 9th inning of his no-hitter vs the […]

Red Sox vs Mariners – May 17, 2009

Having stayed the night in Bellevue, we got up early and decided to try and see if we could find the hotel where the Red Sox were staying and see if we could catch a glimpse of them as they got on their bus heading for Safeco and get some good pictures. As it turned […]

Red Sox (22-16)010100000282
Mariners (18-20)0200000013121
W: Aardsma, SEA (1-1) L: Ramirez, BOS (4-1)


Red Sox vs Mariners – May 16, 2009

Back in March when Mariners tickets went on sale, my wife and I decided to take a weekend and stay up in the Seattle area and catch both the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon games. This weekend was naturally the weekend we chose because the Boston Red Sox were in town. I was also lucky […]

Red Sox (22-15)220010000561
Mariners (17-20)020100000361
W: Beckett, BOS (4-2) L: Olson, SEA (0-1) S: Papelbon, BOS (10)


Met the guys of 30ballparks30days.com tonight!!

Before tonight’s Red Sox vs Mariners game I had the pleasure of meeting up with Craig, founder of ballparkchasers.com, as well as Joey, Pedro and Travis from 30ballparks30days.com.   I met up with Craig, who lives locally, at the Pyramid Ale House.  Shortly after that, we were joined by Travis, then Joey and Pedro.  We had […]

Red Sox vs Mariners – May 15, 2009

I already had tickets for the Saturday & Sunday game this weekend, but when I realized that the guys from “30 Ballparks in 30 Days” would be in town, I got to talking with Craig and decided to meet them all at the Pyramid Ale House before the game tonight.  I got there early, way […]

Red Sox (21-15)112000000480
Mariners (17-19)00001400X5112
W: Jakubauskas, SEA (2-4) L: Lester, BOS (2-4) S: Aardsma, SEA (4)